Only Calm Blood


Surely you know that too. After a tense game that ended happily with the last item at 21:45, you land at your own home just before 12 pm. Before that there was the press conference, 2 players who wanted something from you, another athlete, which you had to rebuild, the compulsory chat with the sponsors, a short critical review with the club board, a few other people who greeted you briefly and who gave their opinion of the game, then the common beer along with a small snack at the club counter. And now finally the first moment of rest. But how are you supposed to sleep right now? The adrenaline still rushes through your veins, different images of the game appear in front of your eyes. The same assumption error, the awarded match ball in the 4th set, the two good blocks, which brought you the lead in the fifth. So what to do? One more beer? Some TV? Or off to bed and wait until at some point so at half past two sleep finally takes you? 

 Being a coach on match day is pure stress. For most, it starts already hours before, for special games even days before the game starts. And that is one of the charms of the task. This tension, which builds up slowly and hopefully ends in rejoicing at the end. You also need that tension to be a good coach. Although I quite consciously coaching with the great badminton racket string your team before, during and after the competition mine. The training in the week you can make great even without great tension. But on the day of the competition, it needs that special tingling sensation, with your athletes as well as with yourself.

 Because stress has a function. He makes us more alert and able to act. Breathing is faster, the heart beats more often and the brain and muscles are better supplied with blood. So stress is a condition that puts us, as well as anxiety, in a special willingness to perform. At least as long as he does not get too big. (The fact that too much stress and too much fear have a performance-reducing effect because they lead to cramping up to a complete blockade, I have already explained in volleyball magazine 3/2005 (“not hop, but the top”) in detail.)

 Therefore, we also speak of “good” (à Eustress) and “bad” (à Distress) stress. Good stress is the stress that makes life attractive and interesting. The stress that body and psyche need. So to speak, “the salt in the soup” of life. Distress, on the other hand, is the harmful stress that can lead to long-term illnesses and mental disorders. But where exactly is the limit? When is the stress still helpful and when is it harmful? This certainly has something to do with the inner, mostly unconscious assessment of the respective situation. The more I experience a situation as threatening rather than challenging, the greater will be the negative stress effect. (A direct restriction has to be made: an excess of positive stress is also problematic,

 And with that, we come back to you. How do you rate this with yourself? Is the weekend stress still positive or is it already too much? The not insignificant number of drug addicts among the coaches indicates that a number of coaches are already beyond the magic limit. Or that you have no adequate means to cope effectively with the resulting stress.

 Practical help in coping with stress

But if alcohol is not the best way to stop stress, what can you do? Then you can give a few general answers. As I explained above, stress is a condition that puts the body into a willingness to perform. That is why it is important to actively reduce stress. So to retrieve the performance for which the body is prepared. This is the easiest way to move. Of course, all forms of physical activity are obvious. Whether you prefer swimming, playing volleyball or jogging is left to your liking. But gardening, dancing and even cleaning are effective alternatives. The main thing, circulation and musculature get going.

 During the game active stress management also means that it makes sense to vent his tension as well. Investigations from football clearly show that coaches who are very active in their coaching, take less of a risk to their health than trainers who control themselves and take back.

 It is also recognized that the feeling of being in control of a situation significantly reduces stress. So if the game is against you, ask yourself what you can do. This not only helps your team but you too.

 Relaxation procedures are also helpful, which you can apply yourself both in the week between the games and on the match day. Above all, autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) are known. With the latter method, I have had the best experience with athletes and coaches because it takes little practice to learn the technique, and at the same time, it is a relaxation process that requires doing something. Because many people find it difficult to relax on command. In this case, the systematic tightening of the muscles used in PMR is a help. Phil Jackson, the hugely successful American basketball coach (9 NBA title with the Chicago Bulls and the LA Lakers) is known to calm himself through meditation. That too is a possible way.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Are you looking for bathroom cleaning tips?

Keeping your bathroom clean and tidy can be relatively easy or it can be a real nightmare. The secret is being organized and staying on top of it!

There is nothing worse than having to scrub a bathroom that has gone too long between cleaning.

You will no doubt have to deal with soap scum, hair clogging the drains and maybe even some patches of mold.

bathroom cleaning tips

Cleaning Tasks in the Bathroom

Okay, it seems slightly silly to have how-to instructions for some of these tasks but believe me, people are searching for them online and not finding much in the way of help.

A sign of the times perhaps?

I was taught how to clean a bathroom by my mother when I was growing up, and back then it was one of my jobs.

As the oldest child in a family of seven (with only one bathroom), I managed to get quite a bit of experience cleaning bathrooms!

Bathroom Cleaning Products

In your bathroom, you probably have a shower alcove, a bath, a toilet, mirrors and a bathroom cupboard (not to mention the floor and the walls) that will need to be cleaned regularly.

If you check out the cleaning product aisle in your local supermarket you will find a different product for each one of them!

So which ones do you really need and what do they all do?

Top 10 Bathroom Cleaning Tips

I don’t know very many people who like cleaning bathrooms, but I think if you use one (and I hope you do on a regular basis), then you should know how to clean one!

On this page, you will find my top 10 tips for making that job easier and faster.

Carpet cleaning is one of the most crucial maintenance tasks you should do to keep your home comfortable and free of health-threatening allergens. Your local carpet cleaning companies can advise you on the best way to clean your carpets, as well as your upholstery, draperies, and heating and air conditioning ducts. If you live in a warm and humid climate such as Atlanta carpet cleaning will be especially important to keep molds and other potential allergens from growing in your carpets. But, even if you live in a drier climate such as Las Vegas carpet cleaning is essential to extend the life of your carpets and to keep your home environment healthy.

Cleaning carpets yourself using carpet shampoo rental equipment from your local supermarket or rental shop is certainly an option, but you will probably find that professional carpet cleaning companies can do a better job. If you have your carpets cleaned twice a year by a professional carpet cleaning company using a steam carpet cleaning process, your floors will stay comfortable and portable campaigning toilets for tracking and your indoor air quality will be better than if you try to do all of your floor maintenance yourself.

However often you choose to have your carpets cleaned, you should vacuum your floors at least twice a week to remove dust, sand, dust mite residue and other pollutants from your carpets. Your carpet cleaning companies can not only give you carpet cleaning tips and perform expert cleaning for you, but they can also recommend other steps you can take to improve your indoor air quality. These steps may include cleaning HVAC ducts as well as cleaning draperies and furniture upholstery. Contact your local carpet cleaning companies and they will be glad to assist you in keeping your home environment safe and comfortable.


Where To Buy Food And Wine Magazine?

wine with a magazine

What’s so special about food and wine magazine?

Any person who is interested in having good food and exotic wines would love to own food and wine magazine that are in sales on all newspaper stands across America as it will be a great monthly magazine that will help them to discover some of the new restaurants, food fests and also help them to prepare some of the new dishes through the recipes posted in the magazine. Some of the common features that you will find in the food and the wine magazine are cooking tips, recipes, reviews of various restaurants, chef talks, wine pairings, and food fest information.

Where to buy?

Since the food and the wine magazine are very popular all over America, you will be able to get it at all the leading newspapers and magazine stores in the open market every month. But, if you would like to get it at a cheaper price, then it is ideal that you shop for food and wine magazine online through various shopping websites, which will offer you discount prices for buying the magazine for the whole year or even for a couple of years. By ordering online, your favorite food and wine magazine will be shipped to your address every month and you will not need to rush to your magazine store to get a copy of your favorite magazine. Some of the online stores that sell food and wine magazines may also offer you surprise gifts for an order of these magazines for a period of three or more years apart from the discount in the prices for the magazines for advance booking. Nowadays, it is a great pride and honor for any wine enthusiast to possess the best food and wine magazine.


Guidelines To Host A Perfect Wine Tasting Party

Amount of wine needed

It is not important for you to attend a wine tasting party in order to organize one and if you keep it neat and simple, then the wine tasting party that you are organizing for your friends, family, relatives, and neighbors will be a class apart. It is very important for you to decide on the quantity of wine and the type of wines that you would require for the party well in advance in order to avoid any last minute glitches and use good-quality commercial ice makers. The amount of wine that will be required will be roughly based on the total number of wine lovers you are planning to invite. You can also ask some of your friends to bring in the favorable wines that they have in their collection.

Theme and wine serving order

You can choose from a variety of themes for your wine tasting party ranging from an informal gathering of friends to romantic couples get together to round table candlelight get together or a musical get together. It is ideal to start off the party with some sparkling wines in order to get the wine lovers into the groove of the wine tasting party. Then, you can follow this up by serving some of the lovely flavored white wines which are served with cheese. The red wine will be the ideal wine that can be served during dinner and the final offering in the wine tasting party can be the dessert wines. So, with all these details on how a wine themed party needs to be organized, you will definitely be confident of putting up a good show during the party that you host and will make sure that your guests will leave your party with the heart as well as their stomach full.

What Is Kitchen Blender ?


A kitchen blender is an absolute necessity for any serious cook. For everyday use, an average duty blender will meet your needs quite well. Consider a heavy-duty blender only if you are committed to cooking, and cooking in the kitchen is your passion. Having a blender in your kitchen is an absolute must if you plan on making any type of frozen slush type of drink like a Margarita, or if you want to make a zesty pizza sauce, and especially if you want to make healthy fruit smoothies. The range of foods you can make is really vast. From creamy soups to spicy salsa, and specialty desserts, your blender is a must-have appliance. Let’s take a look at a few of the basics of kitchen blenders, so you can keep these things in mind the next time you are going to purchase a new blender.

Almost without exception, the more powerful your blender is the more expensive it will be. At a minimum you will want your blender to put out at least 400 watts, and if you can afford it splurge for a 1000 watt monster. The higher the wattage of your blender the more powerful it will bee, and the less likely it will be from seizing up. The lower power blenders will not enable you to puree ice cubes like you want when making icy type treats. Now, about speeds, you want your blender to have a wide range of speeds. Not all foods will require the highest speeds, and some foods need low speeds, and then there are times when you need maximum blending. If you are on a budget, however, you can probably do fine with a three-speed blender, one that has speeds of the slow, medium, and fast.

Modern blenders really come in many excellent designs, although this is usually where the price breaks occur. If you want a sleek design you are going to pay more money. However, since your blender will most likely be sitting on your countertop, you want to buy on that looks good and fits in with the colors of your kitchen. But if your blender is going to be stored in a cabinet, then you can save some money here by looking at blenders that don’t feature aesthetics as much. One thing is for sure, make sure the blender design is easy to clean, has a wide base for stability, and has some type of small opening where you can add ingredients during blending. Also, make sure the lid fits nice and snug and has no apparent gaps with the seal. It should make solid contact with the jar all around the perimeter.

When you are out blender shopping, you need to pay close attention to what type of material it is made of. Glass and stainless steel have traditionally been the best materials to use for kitchen blenders. Glass is easy to clean, doesn’t scratch and can be sanitized, and you can see what is going on while blending after you can make soup in new electric soup maker. Stainless steel has the advantage of being lighter, it is impact resistant so it won’t break when you drop it, and it can be well cleaned as well. If your other kitchen appliances are stainless then you might want to consider using this material for your blender. Either way, you simply can not go wrong if you your choice is glass or stainless steel.