Where To Buy Food And Wine Magazine?

wine with a magazine

What’s so special about food and wine magazine?

Any person who is interested in having good food and exotic wines would love to own food and wine magazine that are in sales on all newspaper stands across America as it will be a great monthly magazine that will help them to discover some of the new restaurants, food fests and also help them to prepare some of the new dishes through the recipes posted in the magazine. Some of the common features that you will find in the food and the wine magazine are cooking tips, recipes, reviews of various restaurants, chef talks, wine pairings, and food fest information.

Where to buy?

Since the food and the wine magazine are very popular all over America, you will be able to get it at all the leading newspapers and magazine stores in the open market every month. But, if you would like to get it at a cheaper price, then it is ideal that you shop for food and wine magazine online through various shopping websites, which will offer you discount prices for buying the magazine for the whole year or even for a couple of years. By ordering online, your favorite food and wine magazine will be shipped to your address every month and you will not need to rush to your magazine store to get a copy of your favorite magazine. Some of the online stores that sell food and wine magazines may also offer you surprise gifts for an order of these magazines for a period of three or more years apart from the discount in the prices for the magazines for advance booking. Nowadays, it is a great pride and honor for any wine enthusiast to possess the best food and wine magazine.


Guidelines To Host A Perfect Wine Tasting Party

Amount of wine needed

It is not important for you to attend a wine tasting party in order to organize one and if you keep it neat and simple, then the wine tasting party that you are organizing for your friends, family, relatives, and neighbors will be a class apart. It is very important for you to decide on the quantity of wine and the type of wines that you would require for the party well in advance in order to avoid any last minute glitches and use good-quality commercial ice makers. The amount of wine that will be required will be roughly based on the total number of wine lovers you are planning to invite. You can also ask some of your friends to bring in the favorable wines that they have in their collection.

Theme and wine serving order

You can choose from a variety of themes for your wine tasting party ranging from an informal gathering of friends to romantic couples get together to round table candlelight get together or a musical get together. It is ideal to start off the party with some sparkling wines in order to get the wine lovers into the groove of the wine tasting party. Then, you can follow this up by serving some of the lovely flavored white wines which are served with cheese. The red wine will be the ideal wine that can be served during dinner and the final offering in the wine tasting party can be the dessert wines. So, with all these details on how a wine themed party needs to be organized, you will definitely be confident of putting up a good show during the party that you host and will make sure that your guests will leave your party with the heart as well as their stomach full.